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Marriage isn’t for me. I had this first realization a couple months into my marriage even though Patrick and I had been together for years prior to “I do”. I knew Patrick – his idiosyncrasies, his values, and his goals. Honestly, I think it’s safe to say I knew everything about Patrick and visa-versa. So […]

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Before I even begin this post about being active as a busy mom, I just want to ask you to take a deep breath. I want to remind you of the fact that you are doing a great job as a mom. I don’t want this to come across as you need to do more, […]

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Organization is hard work You need a simple way to keep you organized and get things done and this set of 11 FREE Organization Printables will do the trick! Have you ever been so overwhelmed by things you need to do that you don’t even know where to start?… So instead of starting you decide […]

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We just took our first family vacation, which means it was Owen’s first time flying! I’m not saying he earned his wings quite yet; I know it’s only going to get harder to travel as he gets older. However, our little 6 month old did so well going through security and on all FOUR flights […]

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I have one tattoo. It was so small that the tattoo artist laughed at me and didn’t even charge me for it, “That it; that’s all you want? Just two small lines?” To some people, that’s all it is and all it ever will be. Honestly, there was a point in my life where that’s […]

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Often we get discouraged by the circumstances we find ourselves in. And more often than not, we give these circumstances more power than they deserve. Last night during my devotional, God reminded me that ???????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? do I have the power. My attitude is often the decider of my experience. I know that a […]


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???? ???? ???? ????  ???? ???? ???? ???? What does self care look like to you? Do you practice it? Self care can be: Saying “No” to things you really want, but know will exhaust you. Saying “Yes” to things that set your soul on fire. Spending time alone. Reading a book. Getting a massage […]


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This is what 90% of our days look like: wearing or holding this sweet boy close, no makeup, & enough dry shampoo to convince people I’ve gone gray. Not pictured are the tears. Lots and lots of tears. Tears when O wanted to nurse every hour during his growth spurt; tears when I couldn’t relieve […]


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We went into it blind… After getting to know Patrick from working with him for a couple of years, my uncle thought we’d be perfect for each other. Discretely asking nurses, friends, and other colleagues about Patrick’s character, faith, and hobbies outside of work only confirmed my uncle’s thoughts. One text message with, “I have […]


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