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How We Met

We went into it blind…

After getting to know Patrick from working with him for a couple of years, my uncle thought we’d be perfect for each other. Discretely asking nurses, friends, and other colleagues about Patrick’s character, faith, and hobbies outside of work only confirmed my uncle’s thoughts.

One text message with, “I have a great guy in mind for you” and let’s be real some Facebook investigating on my end later, we were set up on our first blind date.

Looking back, I wish we would’ve taken a picture together since it was our last “first date”, but that wouldn’t have been a good first impression – “I might be your future wife; say, ‘Cheese!‘” He would’ve bolted.

Back to the story.

A full course meal with wine and plenty of conversation sprinkled in between, we lost track of time and shut the restaurant down. With no exaggeration, from that moment on, we’ve been inseparable. With the help of my match-maker uncle, we fell in love, got married, and started our little family.

The rest is history <3

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