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This is what 90% of our days look like: wearing or holding this sweet boy close, no makeup, & enough dry shampoo to convince people I’ve gone gray.

Not pictured are the tears. Lots and lots of tears. Tears when O wanted to nurse every hour during his growth spurt; tears when I couldn’t relieve his pain from having an allergic reaction to the cows milk in my breast milk; tears from being blindsided and having to stop breastfeeding and switch to formula; tears from an overwhelming sense of love just from looking at him; tears witnessing all of his firsts especially his first smile – you get it; high or low there’s tears.

Motherhood is so dang hard y’all. It’s physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing. Some days I’m like, “Yo, I got this!” and other days I’m wearing spit up and a blowout from O like it’s an accessory. But as hard as these days and nights can be, I’m so thankful for where God has me; I have no doubt I was meant to be a mom. And being Owen’s mom is the most rewarding/humbling/fulfilling gift I’ve ever been given.

I know a lot of you mommas out there are going through the exact same thing, and I just want to encourage you – There is no one out there who could be a better mom to your baby than you. God specifically and carefully chose you for your child. Keep praying through the tough times and singing praise through the small victories. You are doing a dang good job and more importantly you are a dang good mom, momma <3

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