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Owen’s Birth Story


One week ago our lives changed in a way we couldn’t imagine. Owen gave us a little fright Saturday morning, but then the day continued as normal — ironically, Patrick even took me to Austin to shop for a push gift!

But on the way back, I noticed that something kept happening… It was small, but my intuition knew it might be time. However, since it was 2.5 weeks before O’s due date, we didn’t want to go to the hospital only to be sent back home. So we waited it out at home. I used an app that tracked what I thought were contractions. I’d press start when I thought I was having one and end when it was over. After the length and frequency got down to 40 seconds every 3.5 minutes, I told Patrick to pack his bags – we were going to the hospital.

The nurses were in shock that I walked into the hospital cutting up and in good spirits because I was already 6cm dilated! So sure enough,  we were admitted in to the hospital around 7pm, still in disbelief that we were about to have a son.

A little before 12pm, the nurses informed us that I was fully dilated, which meant that Owen was on your way to meet us. At 1:22am, O entered the world with lungs that could move mountains and with the most precious face I’ve ever seen.

My heart grew a million sizes that day, not only for Owen, but for Patrick. The more I saw how much he loved Owen, the deeper I fell in love with him.

There have been a lot of tears (mostly from me… okay, all from me), but we have had the most amazing week in our newborn love bubble. I still can’t believe how lucky we are as I sit here holding him; tearing up at the thought of him being 7 days old.

Thank you for choosing us, O; thank you for letting me be your mommy <3

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