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Whitening Coffee & Wine Stained Teeth at Home


I’m a self-employed full-time working mom. I typically start my days at 4:15am and end them around 9pm. (I know, I’m psycho). Since my days are long, I usually kick off my days with at least two cups of coffee and end them with a nice glass of red wine. It should come to no surprise that with all that coffee and red wine, my teeth were becoming more and more stained.

I’ve always been interested in having my teeth professionally whitened. Yet I can never bring myself to pay $500 to sit still for over an hour at a dentist’s office! (If you have time to do that, tell me your secret because ain’t nobody got time for that.) So instead I tried the drug store whitening kits, charcoal toothpastes, and of course fluoride whitening toothpastes. None of them gave me the results I wanted, yet all of them left me with over sensitive teeth.

So when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their custom-fitted at-home teeth whitening system, I was all in. Especially since their entire process from ordering to whitening is so easy!

lifestyled-by-me-smile-brilliant-at-home-whitening-teeth-stains-kit.jpg lifestyled-by-me-smile-brilliant-at-home-whitening-teeth-stains-custom-molds.jpg


Here’s how Ordering Smile Brilliant works:

  1. First, you answer a few questions about your dental history. For instance, “Do you experience tooth sensitivity?“, “Do you grind your teeth?” etc.
  2. After you send them your answers, you’ll receive a Smile Brilliant Kit. This kit contains all of your teeth whitening tools including the molding clay used to make impressions of your teeth for the custom-fitted trays. (Truthfully, making my impressions seemed a little daunting at first, but their easy to follow step-by-step guide quickly put me at ease!)
  3. Finally, after you make your impressions, you send the molds off to Smile Brilliants lab. From there, they create your custom trays! In a few days, your trays will be in your mailbox ready to use.

lifestyled-by-me-smile-brilliant-at-home-whitening-teeth-stains-system lifestyled-by-me-smile-brilliant-at-home-whitening-teeth-stains-tray


& Here’s How I got the best results:

  1. Brush teeth with water (not toothpaste; fluoride slows down the whitening process).
  2. Add just about 1/3rd of the whitening gel into the front of both the top and bottom trays.
  3. Whiten for 45min up to 3hrs (I typically did an hour).
  4. After your whiten your teeth, use the desensitizing gel for about 20min. (This gel is such a game-changer for the teeth whitening industry. I had 0 sensitivity because of it!)
  5. Remove trays!



I am so happy with my results from my custom-fitted whitening trays! I’ve never been more confident with my smile. Obviously, my results didn’t happen overnight. However, because I whitened my teeth with the Smile Brilliant custom-fitted trays twice a week for a month, I saw results fast. I typically whitened my teeth when I was showering/getting ready in the morning since that usually takes me an hour. Then I wouldn’t eat breakfast for at least an hour later. The timing worked perfectly for my busy schedule.

Win A Free Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit

For those of you who would like to try this at-home teeth whitening system, I have a surprise for you. Smile Brilliant was kind enough to partner with me to offer you all the opportunity to win a Smile Brilliant whitening kit for yourself! Click below to enter.


If you can’t wait to see who wins, I don’t blame you! You can still enjoy 15% off on any teeth whitening system with my discount code: “LifeStyledByME15

If you have any questions about Smile Brilliant, feel free to leave me comment or read this article to learn more!


Disclaimer: Smile Brilliant did not pay me for this post. I was gifted the whitening kit by Smile Brilliant in exchange for me testing out their product and an honest review on my blog. All opinions were my own.

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