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What Moms Really Want For Christmas


Ah, Christmas. It’s the one time of year we get to sit back and relax with our family. Kidding. With all the decorating, party planning, cleaning for said parties, and Christmas shopping – this season only gets more hectic! Most moms would all agree that Christmas is mostly about the kids more than anyone else. However, we also still get excited to find something special under the tree.

Moms will appreciate anything they get. Seriously. If my son slobbered on a rock and handed to me, I’d melt like butter. But if we are being honest, sweaters, jewelry, and more kitchen gadgets just aren’t cutting it anymore. One thing to not forget, is that some of the best gifts for mom don’t come from a store.

So this year, you can avoid the holiday shopping frenzy at the mall and relax. I’ve put together a list of non-material gifts for the leading lady in your life that will light her up brighter than your Christmas tree.


Instead of giving her a basket of fancy bath and body products, treat her to a day at the spa instead. Simply wrap up a gift certificate that she can redeem for a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure — whatever her pleasure is. Because nothing says “I love you” like a day of pampering where she can leave the house.

Weekend Retreat

If you’re a man, this might sound extreme, but I can hear every woman saying “YAASSS” right now. Book her a hotel where she can sleep, shop, read, watch movies, eat, and drink wine sans kids. Let her refill her own cup or you can join her in on the mini getaway too!

Cleaning Services

It doesn’t have to be weekly or even monthly either. Even if it’s a one time thing, giving your wife the gift of a cleaned top-to-bottom home is a gift you can’t put a price tag on.

An Off Day

Make a card that says she’s given the day off! So she can kick her feet up on the couch and do nothing for an entire day. She’ll be so warmed at the thought of her family fulfilling her normal duties, she just might cry.

Coupon Booklet

Let’s keep rolling with the “An Off Day” idea – make her a coupon book. This book gets her out of having to do all the things she normally takes care of on a daily basis. Whether it be laundry, dishes, carpooling, or whatever. Giving mom a break here and there is a wonderful gift that she’ll appreciate.

Something From The Heart

Create a video message of the kids telling mom all the reasons why they love and appreciate her. The video would make her bawl. Another idea would be to make a sweet, hand-written card! The card will touch her heart in a way no material present can. Like I said, I would accept a slobbered rock; Moms will appreciate anything they get.

Looking for Gift Ideas for Him?

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