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They’ll tell you: That “you’ll bounce back”; That you’ll lose the “baby weight in no time”; That the “baby weight will just fall off”; That “by 9 months you should be back to pre-pregnancy weight”. I’m here to tell you what they won’t: They won’t tell you that your stomach will be mushy; That you’ll […]


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One week ago our lives changed in a way we couldn’t imagine. Owen gave us a little fright Saturday morning, but then the day continued as normal — ironically, Patrick even took me to Austin to shop for a push gift! But on the way back, I noticed that something kept happening… It was small, […]


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Dear baby boy, You’re not here yet, but now that we’re getting so close to meeting each other, I wanted to write you this note in hopes that one day you’ll read it. I want you to know that no matter what life throws your way, you’ve been someone’s world ever since you were the […]

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