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How I Style My Fine, Thin Hair


As you know by now, the texture & density of your hair matter. If you’re using the same products that the girl on tik tok with thick, coarse hair is recommending and wondering why it’s making your hair greasy, flat, & heavy… this is for you.

welcome to the fine-haired girls club

You can still have long hair with volume, but it takes a different technique & products.

Here’s my current styling routine:


1. Detangler!

I can’t live without it. When our hair is wet, it’s at its most fragile. Microfiber towels, a detangler that doesn’t leave me greasy, & a wet brush help prevent mechanical damage.

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2. Volume Lifter

No more teasing ladies  This volume-lifting spray doesn’t make your roots greasy. Its magic helps you add volume. My hair in the video? Blow-dried with a FLAT BRUSH.

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3. Blow Out Cream

If you’re not using a heat protectant before you blow dry it’s time to start. This one reduces styling time, prolongs the life of your blowout, and adds softness & shine.

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REJUVABEADS-split end mender

4. Split End Mender

This one is ✨clinically proven✨ to mend split ends in 60 seconds. All it takes is 2 pumps for my ends. It should be the first cream product you apply to your ends.

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And there you have it!

I like to keep it simple by using products that don’t contain protein, silicones or harsh toxic chemicals for my low-porosity hair.

If you have fine, thin hair like me and need some help with product recommendations, you can always message me “FINE HAIR” and I’ll set you up with custom haircare

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