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Summer Style: 90’s Fashion


The 90’s are back in and let me just say that I am here for it y’all. I think the only thing better about being a 90’s baby, is reliving it as an adult. Mainly because now my mom can’t tell me I’m too young for lip liner ๐Ÿ˜‰ So give me all the overalls, tube tops, white sneakers and jean on jean my little heart can handle. Let’s dive into “what’s in”, shall we?

The slip

Whether it’s a dress or a cute cami, boudoir type pieces are coming back for both day and nighttime affairs. To complete the full 90’s look for daytime, add a white tee beneath your slip and some white sneakers.


These were my jam back in the day. Whether you wanted to wear shorts or pants โ€“ overalls were the answer. To add a more personal flair (and to not look farmer-ish), wear an off shoulder top or unhook one of the straps.

Denim on Denim… on Denim

Denim was mega huge in the 90’s. Don’t believe me? Just ask Britney & Justin. I’m just thankful we’ve improved our washing technique in the last 20 years.

Dainty Florals

You might have forgotten how “in” dainty florals were in the 90’s and that’s okay since grunge seemed to be the lead style, BUT they’re back in! I’m loving the floral sundress look with sneakers, but if the print is a little too much for your taste, try just doing a floral print top instead.

The Plaid

The iconic print of the 90’s โ€” plaid. But not like your dads plaid button down dress shirt. No, no. I’m talking unbuttoned plaid over a white tee, tied around your waist, or a plaid skirt. Britney Spears, Hit Me Baby One More Time, anyone?

Finishing Touches

The 90’s were all about combat boots, white sneakers, tattoo chokers, oval sunglasses, barrettes… just to name a few.

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