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Owen’s Potential Plagiocephaly Disorder


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For the past week, Patrick and I along with our immediate families have been praying hard for Owen. Bicoronal Synostosis at its most severe would mean an intense 3-5hr surgery on O’s skull followed by a Plagiocephaly Helmet treatment. Of all the Craniosynostosis types, Bicoronal only makes up 5%-10% of cases. I’m sure you can imagine how just the thought of this brought us to tears.

Yesterday we took Owen to see a plastic surgeon who specializes in Craniosynostosis. After examining his head, he told us that O’s skull is not fused together, which means he will not need surgery!

Insert all the praise hands: ????????????????????????????????.

He also said that for now, O will not need a helmet either. We just have to be mindful of the positions we leave O in – such as proping him on his sides when he’s in his Dock-A-Tot, more tummy time, sitting him up in his Bumbo, and using a or simple things like taking him out of his car seat while we grocery shop.

Just being real with y’all: I’ve spent the past week in tears, unable to focus, feeling helpless for Owen, & praying nonstop that he will not have to have surgery on his little head — Yesterday I left the doctors appointment in tears of joy. Thank you God for this answered prayer <3

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