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Baby’s First Solids – How We Learned The Hard Way


If you’ve ever felt like the “???????????????????? ????????????” you’re not alone…

????????????????????????: 3 months ago, I found out the hard way (or I should say my poor baby did) that O was allergic to dairy that was in my breast milk. I had two options; cut out ALL dairy from my diet (even hidden dairy; just google “OU kosher”) and then try to continue to BF 2 weeks later once the dairy was out of both our systems OR switch to a hypoallergenic formula right away. As much as I selfishly loved the special bond I had with O, my gut was telling me to switch to formula, so I did…

???????????????? ????????????????????????????: 2mo-5mo O has been doing GREAT. Less reflux, doesn’t strain to leave mom a dirty diaper, just a happy baby!

????????????????????????????: I feel like the worst. mom. ever.

As you may know, we started introducing solids and we decided to do what everyone and their mom did/does/do — ???????????????? ????????????????????????.  It sounds harmless and matter of fact, it should be! At first O loved it and we thought, “H yeah! Now we can get some real sleep!” He lasted for maybe 3 days, y’all. Three. Then he was eating less and projectile vomiting at almost every feeding, staining hard to go potty, and waking up a tonnnn at night. Then it hit me… the rice cereal. Guess what it contains? Soy + Hidden. Dairy.

My poor baby ????

Now we’re getting ready to go to the grocery store to read the back of every nutrition label & check all the ingredients before buying. I know every mom makes mistakes and this will only be my first of many but #LessonLearned

One of the most common responses to this post was to do Baby Led Weaning by Feeding Littles. I’ve only been implementing what I’ve learned from their online courses for a couple of days, but y’all I’m amazed at the strides he’s already taken!


Plus, it takes the stress off mommy & daddy since we’ve chosen to not spoon feed purées. Essentially, O eats what we eat ????????????(with some exceptions, of course).

???????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? — I highly recommend taking their online classes if you have an infant learning to eat solids or even a toddler that’s a picky eater; they have content for every stage of your child’s development ????.

Does anyone else’s baby have sensitive stomachs or food allergies? If so, what foods/brands have you found that have worked for your little one?

All advice and recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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